Following are common questions asked

How do I create a flyer?
Easy - Create your personal account -> Choose a pre-made flyer template -> Add your text and photos -> Choose the lists you would like your flyer sent to -> Pay and schedule. That's it! You're finished in less than 10 minutes.
How much does it cost?
Cost to email your flyer is $19.99 per list per flyer.
Where do you get your e-mail lists?
Our lists are compiled from a variety of opt-in mechanisms. These include search ads and other social media ads that ask Realtors & Homebuyers if they would like to receive property for sale emails. Realtors and Homebuyers can provide their information and opt into which locations they would like to receive property emails from. We also partner with Real Estate Agents who provide opt-in lists from their Broker or MLS.
Do you sell your list data or provide the email addresses from your lists?
No, we do not provide the contact information or sell our actual list data. Realtors & Homebuyers who opt-in to our lists do so with the expectation that their information will be kept private until they contact you from one of your flyers. Your property flyers are sent from our email servers. You will only receive contact information if someone contacts you from your email flyer or replies to you from the property email they received from you.
What steps do you take to ensure my email will be sent?
Our servers record each and every flyer send, the date/time it was sent, how many emails it was sent to and keeps a log of all email addresses it was sent to. This helps us insure your flyer was sent to all emails in the lists you chose.
What locations do you provide e-mail lists for?
We service the entire USA. Visits our Email Flyer Lists page to view all e-mail lists we offer.
How accurate are your lists?
Our lists are cleaned daily. We have automated software in place that monitors our email servers for bounces and removes emails that bounce from our lists. We believe in quality rather than quantity. We want your flyers to reach as many active email addresses as possible rather than sent to email addresses that won't receive them due to invalid email addresses or strict bulk email filters.
Why did some Agents I spoke to not receive my flyer?
There can be many reasons for this. If the Agent previously opted out from any flyer sent through our service, the agent will no longer receive any flyers from our service. If the Agent has certain filters or blockers on their email account, they may not receive flyers. Or, we may simply not have the Agents email address in our database because it was not available to us. Agents can opt in to receive flyers if they are not already in our lists. See our Terms page for more information on email delivery and email response.
Can I use my own design rather than using one of your pre-designed templates?
Absolutely! You can use our blank flyer template to upload your own design. Your design will first need to be converted to an image format such as jpg, gif or bmp and should be around 600 pixels wide. You can then upload the image format of your design to our blank flyer template. Please contact us if you have trouble converting your design to an image format.
Can I send a non-property related flyer to the Real Estate lists? Such as a product or service?
No we do not allow this. Due to spam complaints and to maintain the quality of our service, we only allow property for sale related flyers. Flyers that are permitted are property listings, open houses, broker open houses. Please contact us if you are unsure if your flyer will be permitted. is a division of Go Smart Solutions, LLC. Copyright ©2005 - 2024 Go Smart Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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